I love telling stories for children. Thrilling stories. Funny stories. Tear-jerking stories. I specialise in larger-than-life characters, silly, slapstick, visual humour, and heartfelt dramatic moments.

I write scripts for popular, award-winning shows like Hey Duggee! and Dennis & Gnasher: Unleashed, and my episodes have aired on CBeebies, CBBC and Netflix. I'm on the writing teams for some exciting upcoming projects, and as a lead writer on certain series, it's my job to set the tone and structure of episodes, and lay the groundwork for other writers to follow. 

I'm stuffed with great ideas. There's ideas inside ideas inside ideas. I'm like a creative pass the parcel. And on top of that I'm easy to work with, eager to please, great at taking notes and quick to turn drafts around. Most of all I genuinely, positively, love what I do.

Of course, I've also spent a heap of time coming up with episode ideas that never got used, writing test episodes for shows that never took off, and penning elaborate "just touching base" emails to people who left the company six months ago. So, you's a journey.

I keep my LinkedIn page updated with all my work.

"James, thank you SO MUCH for being so amazingly inventive and smart with this episode. Think it's going to be great!"

– an email from a happy head writer